Simple Abstract Management

Collect, manage, and distribute abstracts and electronic posters. All your session and content data is on one platform.

cPAPER is one of two CTI solutions for abstract management — it’s ideal for meetings with a straightforward event structure.

Collect & Invite

Tailor-made collection of your abstracts and proposal submissions

Whether your submission process is very simple or you need something more complex, cPaper can be customized to meet your needs.

C Paper 1 1 Tailor Made Collection

Collect abstracts

  • Configurable workflows streamline abstract submission and review
  • Interface can be customized for multiple session types, topics, subtopics, and deadlines
  • Intuitive and responsive interface helps authors/speakers submit their materials quickly and accurately
Collect Abstracts
Call For Papers

Call for papers

  • Generate automated speaker invitations
  • Handle abstracts for invited/solicited sessions as well as public submissions 
  • A centralized login for all functions keeps submission processes simple

Collect rich media, forms and supporting documents

  • Collect supporting graphics, equations, tables, and videos in most common formats (.mp4, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .ppt, etc.)
  • Create designated content fields to collect author/speaker bios and photos
  • Collect disclosures and agreements for all authors/speakers
Collect Rich Media Forms And Supporting Documents

Review & Score

Simplified review process highlights star content and saves time

Reviewers benefit from a personalized review dashboard that guides them through their workflows. Organizers easily spot top-scoring abstracts and can shape the program accordingly.

C Paper 2 1 Simplified Review Process Highlights Star Content

Review structure & assignment rules

  • Rate and review abstracts per customized review categories and metrics 
  • Identify conflicts of interests and reassign abstracts manually or automatically
  • Define and apply rules to the reviewer assignment process that govern parameters (i.e. number of reviewers per abstract and number of abstracts per reviewer)
  • Automatically assign topics to submissions based on keywords
Scoring Of Abstracts

Scoring of abstracts

  • Identify top speakers and sessions quickly using automated scoring
  • Customize score parameters to handle different abstract types
  • Send notifications of acceptance and regret to your speakers from within the cPaper system

Schedule & Notify

Grid design and scheduling the easy way

cPaper’s intuitive drag-and-drop functionality guides you through your program creation process — add sessions to your grid and abstracts to your sessions manually or automatically.

C Paper 3 1 Lupe Grid Design And Scheduling

Session Builder

  • Add sessions, tracks, abstracts, and contributors
  • See and share whichever parts of your program grid you want at any stage of your build with multiple print and view options
  • Use drag-and-drop functionality to easily edit and move rooms and session timing
  • Assign abstracts to sessions automatically by topic or drag-and-drop into individual sessions
Session Builder
Contributors And Speakers

Contributors and speakers

  • Easily edit and add session chairs, moderators, facilitators, and other roles
  • Edit speakers within sessions and send out automated email notifications to confirmed sessions
  • Send notifications of acceptance and regret to your speakers from within the cPaper system


Our Conference Calendar puts your attendees in the driver’s seat

Our Conference Calendar lets your participants navigate the schedule and build a personalized itinerary based on their needs and interests. They can bookmark sessions, presentations, and other events — then download it all to their device of choice.

C Paper 4 1 Meeting Planner
Conference Program Overview

Conference Program Overview

  • Users can view the entire conference program at a glance, including abstracts, speaker names, bios, sessions and presentation times
  • Configurable layout reflects your organization’s corporate design with color themes and customizable terms
  • Intuitive navigation features an “always-on” action bar
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly display for access on the go

Search, filter, and update

  • Administrative changes within the program are immediately reflected in the Conference Calendar
  • Intuitive search interface lets the attendee search and filter by abstracts, speaker names, bios, topics, and session types
  • Bookmark/share sessions and presentation times
Changes Search And Filter


Publishable content extends your conference’s impact

cPaper’s all-in-one system gives you the power to generate formatted content for multiple uses — from abstracts and executive summaries to your onsite program, app, and author index. 
You can even monetize your content with cSlide.

Publications Eposters

Export and configuration options

  • Customizable print-ready formats for three common publications: Book of Abstracts, Onsite Final Program, and Author Index
  • Optional APIs for external applications let you export crutial information to third-party services like mobile apps
  • Filter, sort, and export curated collections of abstracts, sessions, and other resources to electronic formats (.html, .pdf, and Word) suitable for sales or other distribution channels post-conference


ePosters aren’t just a high tech onsite option— they can also be one of your biggest sources of post-event traffic and education!


Interface and Library

  • Single login for authors for uploading ePoster files and resources
  • Intuitive use for viewing before, during, and after your event
  • Track viewing history
  • Search and filter functions including topic, speaker, and other custom groupings (i.e. “Best Posters”)


It’s all under control

The cPaper admininstrative dashboard gives you access to all your functionality in one place


Administration menu

  • Activity and history trackers allow staff to monitor process actions within the system
  • Access all parts of the cPaper system through a single menu interface
  • Communicate quickly with designated populations using templates and mail merge functions
  • Use search and filter functions to create and export almost limitless reports
  • Set permissions/roles for each person in the system to ensure the right people can access the right content
  • Access real-time statistics and analytics


  • CTI provides support and staffing through the entire lifecycle of your product use, from system setup to final publications
  • Submitters, reviewers, authors, and your program committee also benefit from “unlimited” CTI user support, reducing their frustration as well as the time and effort your staff spends answering questions

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