September 2016 cOASIS Training Sessions

To receive credentials to register for one of these three sessions, contact the presenter, Megan Illig, m.illig (at) To access post-training videos, visit our customer SharePoint site and login with your customer credentials.

Intro to Notifications, Wed., Sept. 14, 1 pm Central

If there’s any part of cOASIS that is consistently used throughout the process, it’s the Notification system. You use this to track down incomplete submissions, invite volunteers, announce acceptance, and collect additional data. Notifications is also one area of cOASIS that give you the configuration tools to manage this process yourself. We’ll show you how to become more empowered and efficient by reviewing the basics of Notification: How to plan them, how to set up the welcome letter, how to set up actions and steps to collect more data, how to set up the mail, how to make assignments, then how to send and track progress.

Advanced Notifications, Wed., Sept. 21, 1 pm Central

There was a lot to learn about Notifications in our last training session. So this time we’ll get into more detail about how to configure the welcome letter, actions, steps, and summary page. We’ll teach you some tricks to make these more effective. We’ll also cover the filters to use in the Communication portion and ways to report on your notification progress using the Report Tool. Finally, we’ll discuss how to use the expiration dates.

All about the Program Planner, Wed., Sept. 28, 1 pm Central

It’s time to review the newest version of the Program Planner! We’ll check out the new advanced combination search options, the ability to show file attachments, the embargo feature, and itinerary builder. And whether you are an old or new client, you will appreciate some in-depth explanation of the various cOASIS status codes, such as complete status, program status, session role status, notification statuses, and other. Not only will we explain what each are, but we will also see which status codes are necessary for a control to be used or appear in various cOASIS modules. Don’t miss this one!



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