October and November 2016 cOASIS Training Sessions

To receive credentials to register for one of these three sessions, contact the presenter, Megan Illig, m.illig (at) To access post-training videos, visit our customer SharePoint site and login with your customer credentials.

All About CME
Wed., Oct. 26, 2016, 1–2 pm Central

cOASIS is the most up to date and enduring source of your session and presentation data. And most CTI clients are required, by some agency, to conduct session evaluations in order to provide CME credit. This system does both, right in the source of that data – cOASIS. We’ll show you how to set up general meeting, session, and speaker evaluations. Then we’ll show how the smart CME system provides credit hours based on registration type and even accounts for overlapping sessions. Delegates are then able to generate their own certificates of attendance, which calculate the number of credits earned through their attendance - this can save you hours of admin time! This is a key, powerful system used by several leading cOASIS clients. Learn how to make it work for your meeting and bolster your ability to score a high accreditation.

All About cOASIS Admin
Wed., Nov. 2, 2016, 1–2 pm Central

An extremely useful session for anybody new to cOASIS or in need of a refresher. This training session introduces you to the Admin Tool Bar and gives you tips and tricks on how to navigate the system. cOASIS terminology is described in detail - Accounts, Activities and Controls. This training will be repeated on the first Wednesday of every month.

All About Centralized Disclosures
Wed., Nov. 9, 2016, 1–2 pm Central

Centralized Disclosures functionality is used when many meeting participants have multiple roles and would otherwise need to enter disclosures for each role. Centralized Disclosure allows them to enter the data once and have that data propagate to each record associated with that speaker. Join us as we demonstrate our latest Centralized Disclosure and reporting site which links to multiple cOASIS modules, saving both you and your faculty time by streamlining this process.

All About cOASIS Publication Services
Wed., Nov. 16, 2016, 1–2 pm Central

CTI offers a complete range of publications services. Join us as we run through some examples of our recent publications, which include everything from traditional conference programs to eBooks to MSWord and InDesign output. For clients currently using our publications services we will also demonstrate the proper processes for providing edits and feedback to ensure the quickest turnaround times.



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