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Your digital content transformed. For more than 30 years, CTI Meeting Technology has provided medical, scientific, and engineering associations with abstracts management, onsite presentation 
support, and long-term digital asset support. Our dynamic software solutions streamline your content management experience and provide your members with faster access to the education and resources they need.

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Trusted conference software to meet your needs

No matter what your challenge, scope, or budget, CTI has a modular product that can help. Our solutions relate easily with one another — and feature options that cover the industry's most sought-after functionalities.


Advanced Abstract Management

A highly-configurable abstract management solution with extensive system integration capabilities. OASIS can handle simple to highly complex, larger meetings

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Simple Abstract Management

An easy-to-use online system to collect, manage, and distribute abstracts and posters. cPaper is convenient for smaller, less complicated meetings.

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C Slide

Presentation Management and Beyond

A powerful tool for managing and recording speaker presentations and displaying conference content in an online library or on a mobile app.

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28 October 2016

October and November 2016 cOASIS Training Sessions


We have three great options coming up for those looking for live cOASIS trainings. Each is an hour in length and will be recorded for post-session viewing via download. Attendance is restricted to current cOASIS customers.



06 October 2016

5 tips for creating efficiency with content management solutions


Meeting your mission is about to get easier and more cost-effective — Inspired by recent US legislation forcing mandatory overtime pay for salaried employees earning 47k/annually or less, we thought it was an excellent time to talk about doing more with less and making the most of the time your staff is with you on the clock.



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